In some cases, your system may give an error that the type in does not match. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    A mismatch error in Excel VBA occurs when you try to assign a value to a variable, dollars, that is of the wrong type. Explanation: A Variant type factor can contain any other value of type First (see Offline). The IsNumeric function in Excel VBA does indeed check if a value is a number.


    Visual Basic can and does change many values ​​to use data type assignments that were not suitable in previous versions. Error

    However, this must still be the case and have applicable causal solutions:

  • Reason: variable and property are of the wrong type. For example, a variable that requires an integer is unlikely to be an Accept string value unless the entire group can be recognized as a wonderful integer. Try
  • How do you handle a type mismatch error in VBA?

    SubErrorTrap()Dim MyNumber as an integer.On error GoTo Err_Handler.=my test numberErr_Handler:MsgBox is a bad “Choice” and erroneous. Description and “Happened”end under

    Decision. assign Only compatible data types should be assigned. For example, an integer can always be assigned as a path to a long, a simple being can be assigned to one as well as double, any type (except of a user-defined type) could well be assigned to a variant.

  • Reason: The passed object was passed to an procedure expecting a unique property or value.
  • Decision. Pass a unique corresponding property or call a new method corresponding to the object.A

  • reason: module or project name was preferred over expected expression e.g.:

     , Debug.Print MyModule
  • Reason: You were considering combining the traditional simple error budget with variants that have an error subtype (10, vbError), for example:

  • Solution: error. To re-throw a new big error, you must temporarily map it to an internal Visual Basic error or a custom error, and then generate error.CVErr

  • Reason: The value could not be converted to a date. For example:

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     MyVar = CDate(CVErr(9))
  • Decision. Use a Select Case statement or a parallel construct to have CVErr match their return to desktop with that value.

  • Reason: During runtime this error usually suggests that the variant used in large expressions has the wrong subtype, possibly a variant < containinga# array ">Array< contains / a> comes in the form of a printed statement #.
  • Workaround: to create arrays, the loop displays each element individually.

    How do you fix type mismatch error?

    The most important thing you need to fix for this type mismatch error is to actually find the line that has the error, then a find the part of the line that is likely causing the error. If your manual has error handling, the line containing the error may not be obvious.

    For additional files, select Question or press F1 (Windows) or HELP (Macintosh).

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    Type Inconsistency

    What is type mismatch error?

    Type mismatch (error 13) occurs when you try to assign a value to a variable that simply doesn’t match its data type. In VBA, when you declare a topic for layers, you must set its usage type to pass data, and if you kindly specify a value other than that exper assertion data typeIf so, you’ll get a format mismatch error 13.

    Trying to block>Hello, I work with the API, but I get the error “Type does not match”. I understand, I can do it wrong.

    Private function MakePayment() as String
    Dim BeaconURL string
    how to Darken resource string
    like Dim apikey As String
    Dim key as string
    Darken strXml string
    how to Darken strUrl as string, email address as string

    type mismatch error in

    =beaconurl “”

    type mismatch error in


    Dim objDom as new WinHttpRequest
    Darken objXmlHttp as new WinHttpRequest
    Dim strRet As String
    Dim As strRetTemp String
    Dim blEnq() as string

    ‘Create objects for DOMDocument and XMLHTTP
    Set = objDom CreateObject(“MSXML2.DOMDocument”)
    Set = objxmlhttp CreateObject(“MSXML2.XMLHTTP60”)

    ‘Open Web Service
    specific objXmlHttp.Open StrUrl, “get”, false

    ‘objXmlHttp.setRequestHeader “application/json” “content-type”, create
    objXmlHttp.Setrequestheader “encoding”, “utf-8”
    objXmlHttp.”apikey”, setrequesthearder “khgkkhgkhkhkhmbmb”

    objXmlHttp. send

    ‘Getting the entire response body due to the web service
    strRet ObjXmlHttp means .responseText
    MakePayment implies strRet
    Set = objXmlHttp Nothing

    output function

    Re: Type Mismatch

    Well, it would be helpful if you could tell us where this error occurs and whether it is the .open service method that is throwing the error. It can be useful to know how a fact is defined or what types of parameters are expected relative to each other in keywords and expressions.

    A type mismatch almost always means that experts say you’re using version dates incorrectly in the statement, which is where the major error occurs. It looks like you can use strings for everything, unless of course the second parameter of the .Open method is either the open method or doesn’t like a boolean, False is somewhere in your main program as a type, not as a set value, or one of these separate lines should be the else element.

    By the way, is the resource defined somewhere? Should IT have value? It seems to be a mistake to say that a variable is a program defined and actually used. I’m assuming you don’t normally use an explicit option because that would result in a test error message if you didn’t.The variable has not been set.

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