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    If you receive an error code for troubleshooting your gear shifter, today’s user guide is here to help you. Extremely common fixes for shifting problems are the basics, preferably adjusting stop screws.

    Preliminary Information

    How do I know if my derailleur is bad?

    All switches wear in several places. Check for wear by moving the lower cage to the side. Compare this movement in the lever associated with the new derailleur. Sloppy pivot point and traction result in inconsistent gear changes and the only solution is a modern derailleur.

    Troubleshoot additional or problematic features that are usually beyond the usual configuration and even customization. It is always best to help with basic adjustment procedures related to stop screw adjustments, indexing and adjusting screw B. Usually, medical attention is required to resolve most shifting problems.


    The satellite system is a common place to find problems leading to relocation. Friction along the shift cable logically prevents the derailleur from moving as the cable is pulled and released on the shift lever.

    Updated: ASR Pro

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    Dirt and grime can seep into mortgages. This creates friction on the person’s body, which slows down movement in any direction. Replace cable if corroded.

    Examine the bike for the body until it stops. If you know a bare cable, look for a crack or door near the retention stopper. With these bikes, you can get to know your companion better by shifting the bike to the lowest gear and then, without pressing the pedals, adjusting the derailleur to loosen the cable connection. Removal of prohibited housing.

    After freeing the cable from flat surfaces, slide the case back and forth to feel the side slide freely. You can also wipe down the twine and apply a little lubricant. Put the case back on and see if it helps the gear change.

    However, bicycles can also have full derailleur-to-derailleur shrouds with no exposed wires or stoppers. You cannot use the In cable in the same way. You need to loosen the thumb screw to understand how shipping works. If it is difficult to pull the cable back as if from the gear lever, then the problem is in thesystem. Usually the solution is to finally install new cables and boxes.

    Why are my gears not shifting properly?

    The most obvious and common causes of poor gear shifting are improper tuning, and the most common problem missing from tuning is voltage. Simply put, prolonged upshifts can be caused by insufficient cable tension; while a slow downshift can be too stressful.

    Also pay attention to the outer part of the case, especially to its ends. Bent body and / or caps cause excessive friction. And here, replacing the case and cable is the best option.

    The often forgotten point of friction is the sole guide of the carrier cable. Bare cables can simply be run under the sheath and this particular pin is not easy to see. If the rails become dirty, this should slow down the passage of the cables.

    Curved Hanger

    The rear derailleur is hooked to each frame. This usually includes, but aluminum can also be more steel. This suspension can prevent the right side of the bike from falling or falling. When bent, this derailleur will rotate around the pulleys and will not line up with the sprockets. Look at the back of the motorcycle and walk up to it when the suspension looks like a wheel and cogs.

    It fits likefor checking or repairing a specific switch suspension using a switch suspension positioning tool such as DAG-2.2 and DAG-3. You can learn how to do this in our article on derailleur suspension adjustments.

    Incompatible Devices

    Powertrains perform best when assembled together and all parts are at rest. But when components are replaced, there are times when they work well together rather than working together. One obvious circumstance is the use of a SRAM derailleur in 1: 1 mode with a Shimano rear derailleur. The required cable between them is really different and there is no setting to make the whole group the same.

    troubleshooting derailleur gears

    Another example is making spiral brake bodies instead of moving the body without compression. The trauma case acts like a large spring and coil and compresses when switched to a traction path. It probably won’t use as well as a new chassis without compromise.

    troubleshooting derailleur gears

    Channels can also be source a trader of compatibility problems; chains are available in different widths for 9, 10, 13 and 12 speeds. There are also differences in the shape of the sides of the plates. Usually I try to stick to my style and driving style. Another option is testing in conjunction with bugs or consulting experienced mechanics for guidance.

    Channel Problems

    Chains are being used to transmit power to the rear wheel in a highly improper way and customers don’t live forever. The internal parts of the chain, rollers and rivets, begin to wear out, creating an illusion. stretching. This wear can cause the chain to bond poorly to the sprockets and simply engage the chainrings, resulting in poor gear shifting and premature sprocket wear. Make sure your main chain is within acceptable wear limits.

    Also make sure there is sufficient lubrication. Dry business feels sluggish on the ride and makes excessive pedaling noise.

    Gear Shifter Worn Out

    Why is my derailleur not shifting down?

    Often complex and reluctant shifting operations can involve accumulating debris between the changing real estate investment and the shifting cable, kinks in the cable and / or housing, or scratched cords With whiskers and chips. As stated above, make sure the rear derailleur, suspension and cassette are tight and your wheel is tight enough.

    All switches wear out at some point. Check for wear, always pullsideways behind the lower niche. Compare this movement to the precision clutch on the new rear derailleur. Inaccurate rocker arm connections result in uneven transport, and your new front derailleur is the only solution.

    Worn Gear Shift Levers

    The gear levers use a good ratchet system to shift the cable from one gear to the next. The teeth of these gear systems can be worn or yellow gold with gravel and dirt. When a particular ratchet wears out, it absolutely does not move or position the transmission, making it nearly impossible to change gears. You can try flushing the transmission, but replacing is the cheaper option.

    Table Of Common Problems

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    Displacement symptom Potential problem Possible solution
    Line break in all accessory combinations Incorrect index setting Overrideindexing
    Slow switching or unwillingness to do incoming or outgoing workdays Friction in the cabling Lubricate and / or return cables and housing
    Switching is delayed or hesitates when switched inward Incorrect tuning adjustment when the cord is too loose Turn the adjusting cylinder counterclockwise
    Select negative pressure requirement as favorites or it can be two speeds s Sprockets and chain may be worn more Check and replace sprockets and chain

    Download this software now to improve your computer's performance.

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