Over the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered a known error where Windows 7 msconfig starts faster. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. Let’s discuss it now.

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    Press Windows Key + R up to open the Run window.Also type “msconfig” and press Enter.Under the “boat” with one eye, you will find a box (on the immediate side) labeled “Time out”.If people only use one executive workstation, you can set the value to 0.Activate the “Without launching the graphical interface” option.

    How do I make Windows boot faster?

    First, open the Windows Control Panel. Then go to the Power Options screen. From there select the most important option Select the power switch function. Finally, check the Enable fast startup and save on attack box.

    The MSCONFIG Tuning Gun offers various options and assists inSettings Make changes to the Windows 7 startup procedure. This simple toolis used to disable or convince programs and which servicesWindows starts up. Optimizing the startup process can start substantiallyloading time on a specific PC and saving system resources. To run the tool useThe MSCONFIG command in the Find Workouts and Initial Navigation Files field. WhenWindows translateIt was installed quite recently, there will be no programs and servicesdeactivate. However, it was still interesting to see if there are any moreto optimize certain products. Services

    The Services tab displays services that are automatically accessed fromWindows starts up. Most programs are needed for Windows, there is nowhere betterChange. If you enable the Hide all Microsoft services option, they will be(mostly) important Microsoft help is hidden (making it easy and simpleto identify unnecessary services). In fact MSCONFIGthis is not a tool that can be used to make changes to boot problems in a tabServices. Use the standard editor for services (opens the main editor with the SERVICES.MSC command)Instead of this. Visit the siteWindows 7 servicesfor details on secure services to help you disable them.

    speed up boot windows 7 msconfig

    Start Tab
    The Startup tab displays all the special programs used by some of theWindows starts up. There are many programs, links to which are located nextWith the followingInstallation procedures that provide (in part) a way to load a program at startup.For anything else, you need to determine if this is a specific behavior. WhenThe program is permanently deactivated, subsequently it can always be activated again.

    After the last MSCONFIG user, the computer must be restarted. VWindows has been restarted, the user is often told the system configurationA pop-up utility indicating that startup items are disabled. This popup has been detectedon each launch until the user selects the appropriate option Do not show this sloganor run the system installer even if Windows starts up.

    speed up boot windows 7 msconfig

    ATTENTION! If all viruses are belowStartup items, first delete the process with thisTask Manager (CTRL-SHIFT-ESC) prevents the virus from reactivating.virus after closing MSCONFIG. When deactivated items are activated again foreverautomatically after boot, run MSCONFIG in safe mode toself-activation. Safe mode can usually be entered by pressing. activatedF8 when a specific Windows ITC routine is started.

    Startup Troubleshooting Tips

    What is boot timeout msconfig?

    On Windows, this timeout value is probably often 30 seconds, which is another long wait if customers aren’t looking directly at your screen. To change this timeout value, go to msconfig, click on our own startup tab, and change the selection in the timeout box to lower values.

    Solve international problems systematically
    The reason for launching is a problem such as a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)sometimes found mostly with the MSCONFIG tool. First, take noteswhat items are at the top of the tabsCommissioning andThese services will most likely be disabled and enabled until these items are replaced! Next stepThe step is to disable all home-related items and virtually all third-party services from the Services tab.Restart your computer and make sure that most of the disabled items are still peripheral devices (ifno, this is a sign of a virus). If not all options are disabled, runMSCONFIG Windows is in Safe Mode (press F8when Windows starts). The tactical elements continue (start with the Services tab)and restart your computer. Continue these steps until the callermostProblems found. Document about Лучший способ ускорить резервное копирование Windows 7 при запуске Msconfig
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