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    If you were unable to verify the path to the dll of the eap method, the verification failed. error typeid = 25 is an error on your computer, you should check these suggested solutions.

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    Published: September 2020

    Windows users reported checking their logs when viewing an arrangement; Microsoft Windows host EapHost 2002 has encountered an error.

    Updated: ASR Pro

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    Error: Peer EapHost 2009
    Ignore: Method Eap Failed to validate the fully qualified pathname of a DLL. Error: typeId = 43, authorId = 9, VendorId = 0, VendorType = 0

    skipping eap method dll path validation failed. error typeid=25

    EapHost, however, is a Windows Web 2. component that authenticates connections such as 802 and .1X point-to-point (P2P).


    Windows users facing this error will have no connection issues, but if theylong term software conflicts will arise in some way. Probably

    skipping eap method dll path validation failed. error typeid=25

    Most likely reason for error message is removal of CISCO modules, invalid / missing Windows registry keys, general installation of CISCO modules, etc.

    Below are some solutions for the services you are getting due to Microsoft Windows EapHost 2002 error.

    How To Fix Windows EapHost Error 2002?

    1. Update the network socket driver.
    2. Perform a clean restart.
    3. Run SFC Scan
    4. Use a registry cleaner software.
    5. Recover the system in safe mode.
    6. Install the latest updates.
    7. Restart Windows on your PC.

    2. Good Start

    1. Go to the search box and just type msconfig.
    2. Select System Configuration
    3. Find the My Services tab and select the Hide all Microsoft services check box.
    4. Click Disable All
    5. Go to Startup and tap the “Open Task Manager” icon.
    6. Closethose task manager and click “OK”.
    7. Finally, restart your computer.

    Alternatively, we recommend that you use an uninstaller to rid your home computer of unused applications. And to really find a complete tool, you’d better opt for an uninstaller for Windows 10.

    This is the most important and safe way to completely remove unwanted programs and prevent further disruption of other programs and reinstallation of leftover files.

    3. Run SFC Scan

    1. Go directly to startup type and cmd to access the command line.
    2. Now enter sfc / scannow Strike and Enter.
    3. Wait for someone to scan, then restart your computer and then restart your computer. All damaged documents will be replaced on restart.

    5. Combine System Restore In Safe Mode

    1. Turn off your computer and turn it on again by pressing the power button on yourHow many seconds. Repeat this process three times. In the third period, you should see a blue screen of gifts with multiple options.
    2. Go to Start in Safe Mode and press Enter.
    3. Open Start, type repair and press Enter.
    4. Follow instructions that may return to a specific point of impact.
    5. Wait for the process to complete and restart.

    System Restore does not affect data files, documents, or personal information on your computer.

    Note. Make sure you and your family can identify the hot spot that preceded the display of the Microsoft Windows EapHost 2002 error.

    6. Install The Latest Windows Updates

    1. Click Start and type Update Finder to open Windows Update. For
    2. check improves and installs available.
    3. When the update type is completed, restart the PC window.

    Microsoft is constantly releasing new enhancements for Windows that improve your performance And fix various problems and errors that may occur on Windows PC.

    They will be installed immediately, but sometimes the process will fail.

    7. Restart Your Computer

    1. Shut down your computer three times until the local weather is displayed for a faster recovery.
    2. Select additional options.
    3. Now select Troubleshoot.
    4. Click here to reset this computer.
    5. Choose whether you want to keep or remove new files and applications.
    6. Click “Reset” to continue.

    Please note that this may be an advanced procedure that will return your computer to its factory default environment. Make sure you have all the required backups of your apps and offerings. Hope

    We believe the above treatments helped you fix the nasty Microsoft Windows EapHost 2008 error.

    You can post a message to inquire about the status of the problem, and people people from all over the world will be happy to help. Please feel free to comment on the next paragraph if you have any questions.

    Passionate about everything about Windows and / or combined with his innate curiosity, Ivan immersed himself in the understanding of this operating system, specializing in troubleshooting and troubleshooting drivers. If your dog doesn’t attack … Read More

    • Microsoft Error Windows EapHost 2002 is due to several factors.
    • However, the problem can be easily resolved by anyone who follows any of the steps below.
    • You can easily find it by following the guides in the Windows 10 Troubleshooting Center.
    • In this section, we provide reliable and in-depth technical guides to make your HDTV life easier.

    1. Network Update Includes Drivers

    1. Press Windows Key + R, select devmgmt.msc, then press Enter. (You can also right-click any Windows key and select Disp Device Manager).
    2. In the Device Manager window, expand the Network Adapters section. WLAN not hosted on router
    3. Then right click on the best NIC and select Update Driver Software.
    4. Click Search Automatically for Updated Vehicle Software.
    5. When all the steps are done, just click Close and reboot your device. Repair

    Regarding this EapHost issue, you can update your network drivers. To do it manually, just follow one person’s instructions above.

    Note. If Windows does not see the new driver, you can direct your browser to the device manufacturer’s website to download the latest network card driver from there.

    Downloading a driver manually is a process in which there is a risk that the driver has been entered incorrectly, which could lead to a serious malfunction.

    The safest and easiest way to update drivers on a Windows computer is toUse an automated tool to fully update all drivers on your computer.

    Our recommended automated solution to fix Microsoft Windows EapHost error. 2002 is the year of updating drivers with DriverFix. Once installed and launched, all you need to do is perform a system scan.

    This artillery will analyze all of your equipment and provide you with a complete list of all your pilots. However, using a verbose database usually allows you to update it to the latest version if you wish. You can also choose a driver to update.

    Upon completion, you will purchase a report on each of the driver problems found on your PC. Put together a buying guide and see if you want to update each driver individually or all at once.

    Note. Some drivers need to be installed in parts, so in most cases you will have to press the update button until their components are added.

    You can also revert to older driver models if the driver update is notwill only solve the problem.


    Eliminate Error 2002 blockers like EapHost by updating your drivers with this simple yet effective tool.


    Eliminate blockers like EapHost Error 2002 by updating your drivers with this simple yet effective musical tool.

    4. Use A Registry Cleaner

    CCleaner also has a feature called Registry Cleaner that allows you to remove leftover tools, missing shared DLLs, unused archive extensions, and more.

    1. Download CCleaner.
    2. Follow the installation and follow the instructions to complete each of our installations.
    3. After installation, run the tool and click Analyze.
    4. When CCleaner finishes modeling, click Cleaner run. Follow the instructions to allow CCleaner to remove temporary files.

    If the error persists, you can continue working in one of the following ways.

    Download this software now to improve your computer's performance.