Recently, some users encountered a known error code where a complete failure occurred in the security log. This issue can occur due to several factors. We will review them below.

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    Click Start, select All Programs, select Administrative Tools, and click Event Viewer. In the “Security properties period log size” section, select the “Overwrite events at will” option in the “When total log size is reached” section. click OK.


    After logging in to a Windows machine, you may see a pop-up in the lower upper corner informing you that the entire security audit log is full.

    The magazine is full. If so, only administrators can log in.

    If necessary, you can overwrite the emergency security log file to the security log file so that new events do not stop being written to the log file.

    1. Go to -> Start All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer.

  • Right-click Security and select Properties.
  • In the Log size section of the new Security Properties window, under When the maximum log size is reached, select the Overwrite events if necessary option.
  • Click OK.
  • I’ve been working on a work With this project, when I suddenly got a strange error: “The event log is full”. Serious? What I didn’t remember is that Windows XP doesn’t automatically overwrite events that are less efficient than the old days from the event signal, so when it fills most programs, attempts to write to your current event log fail. pause.

    You can easily fix this by simply changing the log event, which can overwrite old events regardless of night, or by simply increasing the exact size of the log that can be kept.

    What does it mean when the security event log file is full?

    Minimum OS version: Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista. Event versions: null. If the security event log storage method is set to “Do not overwrite events (delete data manually)”, this event will detect that the log file is full and you will need to take immediate action, such as archiving the log and possibly deleting it.

    Note. If your event log is really huge for 7 days and you are unfortunately getting this error, there is no doubt that you have a serious error. You should be able to check your event log to find out what is causing all the errors…more on that in the next post.

    Open the triggered viewer event by typing eventvwr in the StartRun box, or perhaps you can find it in the Administrative Tools section of the Control Panel.

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    You will still see to the right part of the eye that the current size of enterprise application and system event logs is undoubtedly 512 KB…

    You can now always right-click any of the event logs next to the list and select Get Properties from the menu.

    In this dialog, clients can perform a number of actions… They can clear the log, increase the size, or simply choose to have the system overwrite the necessary events.

    I decided to increase the maximum size of the event log and then also overwrite the events, although this is necessary.

    security log is full error

    Those of you implementing Windows Vista will find that the default Vista settings are overridden when needed, and the maximum value measured is much higher. I think then my conclusions make sense…

    How do I fix Event Log errors?

    3. To access the system beep, select Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer from the list, selecting Windows Logs and System from the left side of the windshield. Hover over “System”, just go back and select “Filter Current Log”. Check the box next to “Errors” and then click “OK” and basically you will see error reports.

    Again, if your application or system event logs can become so huge that you keep getting this error, you should be able to find the root cause by simply looking carefully at the entries in each of our logs.

    What happens when the security log is cleared?

    Each time the security check is cleared, the Windows system may log event ID 517 (Windows 2000) or event ID 1102 (Windows 2008), regardless of the state of the system event audit policy.

    When I try to access my work computer from home, I get the error “Windows security log is definitely full”. As soon as I click OK, everything seems to work.

    Is this the only thing I should worry about?how not to touch

    requested Nov 17, 2009 at 18:41

    What does full event log mean?

    Event log full. To resolve this issue, you must clear or expand the event log. Open Event Viewer, right click on its event log and type “Properties” to check its size. You can increase or update the options below to confirm: “Overwrite events if necessary.

    security log is full error


    How do I clear my security log?

    Open “Administrative Tools” and, if desired, “Computer Management”. In the left frame Double-click Event Viewer, and then double-click Windows Logs. Right-click Security and select Clear Log. You have the option to save the details of this log.

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    Why can’t I write to the security log?

    If the actions cannot be logged to the security log, only customer accounts in the Administrators group can log on to the computer. To resolve this issue, use an account that experts believe is a member of the Administrators group to log on to the specific computer. Then follow these steps to specify that security log events are overwritten:

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