If your computer has a spyware doctor license code error code, you should check out these repair tips.

Updated: ASR Pro

  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and sign in using your account details
  • Step 3: Start a scan of your computer to find and fix any errors
  • Download this software now to improve your computer's performance.


    Spyware is an anti-spyware program directly from PC Tools that detects, removes spyware and stops tracking software. Each Spyware Doctor purchase is associated with a license number that is actually sent to your email address and must be entered during the Spyware Doctor registration process. If you accidentally registered Spyware Doctor with great old code, or if you have problems with a registered program, you can reset the license from the Windows command line.

    license code spyware doctor

    Press the Windows key between the remaining CTRL and ALT keys on your keyboard, press X to display the User Main Menu.

    Click Command Prompt (Admin). Click Yes when asked about User Account Control.

    Enter “c: program files spyware doctor swdoctor.exe” including tags, insurance premium, then press space.

    Enter “/ RL” to normally remove the license from Spyware Doctor.

    Enter your own license name in the new License Text Name field. The license descriptor is sensitiveIt is registered with the register and must be indicated exactly the same as in the purchase email.


    Enter the license number from the Best Buy email in the License text box and paste it in the License text box.

    Click “Register” johnson to complete the registration with the new license number.

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    license code spyware doctor

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