Sometimes your computer may display a message saying HP Laptop Bios is whitelisted. There can be many reasons for this error to occur.

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    In short, a BIOS whitelist is essentially a list of hardware that is allowed to be used on that computer system – if you try to use something else, the computer won’t recognize it. OEMs use BIOS whitelisting due to hardware to discourage users from purchasing from other manufacturers. BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System.

    hp laptop bios whitelist

    In writing this thread, I was motivated by my difficult experience setting up an 802.Board, 11n wireless network that was not whitelisted in my PC’s BIOS. motivationand confidence was given by the story Installing an unsupported wireless card that appeared in the HP Pavilion dv6-1319

    Does Dell whitelist?

    They are not whitelisted like Lenovo, they are blacklisted to fight counterfeit/counterfeit[1] products. I know myhomepage desktop maintenance team colleagues are very generous in replacing WiFi, WWAN, SSD and all other types of internal devices when something dies in our latitudes.

    When I set up another wireless card an incredible amount of time and saw this message:The first thought was that this is some kind of device that is not compatible with hardware and the problem, which indicates a replacement of the card, is completely hopeless. But a Google search will make it clear that all is not lost. The Internet did little1 answer:. Flash the bios with the correct patch that will completely prevent or add the Swaps VEN, DEV, SUBSYS whitelist to the whitelist consisting of the required card.2. Reflash these WiFi cards themselves in order, mentally replacing VEN, DEV, SUBSYS with those in each whitelist, literally checking whether it is possible to install one or another card.The process of obtaining a particular Wi-Fi-N card was messy and illegal, so I won’t describe it, Dr. Martens
    104-Unsupported wireless device networks detected.
    The system has stopped. Remove device and reboot.

    for help. The motherboard for them was an Intel WM3945ABG laptop. In the modification, Intel received Wifi Link 5100 AGN. Became pre take the steps above.

    When I started looking into this issue 3 months ago, I researched how the internet made it clear that it was not possible to flash a full Intel Wi-Fi card and the combination I didn’t get was amazing and that the patched BIOS could find everything. ..maybe I didn’t look good.

    Failed to decompress BIOS using Phoenix tool. Bios was partially assembled older.

    I have never made a BIOS legitimately, I follow and use DIR as a great assembler. The search for a function to decompress the Compaq BIOS undoubtedly yielded results, and the decision was made to use WinHEX to boot the BIOS. The firmware may contain the flash driver HPQFlash.exe and the CAB archive of the firmware files.

    Own wireless equipment card ID got this
    PCIVEN_8086, DEV_4222 and SUBSYS_135C103C on

    The values ​​in the firmware type are stored in the opposite order:
    VEN_8086 -> 8680
    DEV_4222 -> 2242
    SUBSYS_135C103C -> 3C105C13 A

    hp laptop bios whitelist

    The search for the first two standards aroused a lot of suspicion, then some and 13 did not accidentally 10 and 13 thought the ROM.bin firmware was still cluttered or encrypted. Another brainstorming, research and for For several hours, each address map was compiled with all the necessary values ​​- and the location was tied, the white list in the firmware was localized in advance. In order not to consume too much memory, the BIOS developers decided to save a few bytes and save the entire SUBSYS for 3C105B13, and the rest of the values ​​seemed to be swapped by the algorithm.

    where marked in green Intel in the Broadcom Azure motherboard. Modifications of snowboards 5C, 5D, 5E, 5F have separate values. And in case of Broadcom registration.

    Open the Intel Car .inf file and search for VEN, DEV, SUBSYS

    in the same way.

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    ; HP_3945_ABG
    %NIC_MPCIEX_3945ABG%=Install_MPCIEX_HP_3945_ABG_VISTA64_MOW1, PCIVEN_8086&DEV_4222&SUBSYS_135B103C; MOW1
    %NIC_MPCIEX_3945ABG%=Install_MPCIEX_HP_3945_ABG_VISTA64_MOW2, PCIVEN_8086&DEV_4222&SUBSYS_135C103C; MOV2
    %NIC_MPCIEX_3945ABG% = Install_MPCIEX_HP_3945_ABG_VISTA64_RoW, ; fingerprint pciven_8086&dev_4222&subsys_135d103c
    %NIC_MPCIEX_3945ABG%=Install_MPCIEX_HP_3945_ABG_VISTA64_JPN, PCIVEN_8086&DEV_4222&SUBSYS_135E103C; Japan
    %NIC_MPCIEX_3945ABG%=Install_MPCIEX_HP_3945_ABG_VISTA64_KRA, PCIVEN_8086&DEV_4222&SUBSYS_135F103C; KPA

    How do I enable network adapter in BIOS HP?

    Press F10 on the BIOS screen at power on.Enter the “Security” menu.Select Device security.Make sure “Wireless Button” is enabled.Exit my bios Power File, select save changes and exit.

    And everything seems to be quite simple, we replace one value with another, save everything and reflash the BIOS. However, there are only 5 different modifications of Intel 3945 and Intel 5100, judging by the INF file of the driver, even remains to save the ID of only one other card. Of course, to find out VEN, DEV, SUBSYS, you need to put it in another laptop that is not on the white list. I decided to postpone these efforts and after that check an important point: does our native CRC flasher check the firmware? After all, the Phoenix utility simply takes everything and recalculates the CRC with each rewrite, and at best this must be done manually.

    After changing the duo of bytes in ROM.bin, one more thought surfaced: how can I throw it all back into the CAB library? After all, the standard set of archivers works only with their custom formats and plus 3-4 third-party options, while the CAB format was developed by Microsoft and is not particularly suitable for packaging. After some time, the 2007 Cab Maker program was found, with the help of which I compiled the first modified BIOS database.

    I don’t know where the BIOS checksum is stored, maybe I can’t find information about the specific firmware structure.

    I suspect that the balance on the ROM .sig file has disappeared, but there is nothing to check yet. Attempts to actually find the hash following the ROM.With file are broken by various algorithms (CRC32, MD5, SHA1 – SHA512 and many others), both in it and in ROM.sig, which is not surprising.

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