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    If you are getting a source lookup error code with event ID 3013, this tutorial is written to help you.

    Updated: ASR Pro

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    More and more Windows Search Service Event 3013 databases appear in the Application event log due to a fully patched SBS 2003R2 website belonging to one of my clients. I looked at Technet and the Internet in general and didn’t know how to fix this problem. the theme that this competition puts forward.

    A search engine on the server may run the entire listing time. Is surgery really necessary? Is this causing performance issues?

    Event type: error
    Event Source: Windows Search Service
    Event Category: Collector ID: 3013
    Date: 08/24/2010Time: 07:41:25
    User: N / A
    Computer: CTSERVER

    Recording the event in the hash table not updated.

    event id 3013 source search

    Do you need more specific service configuration to index only specific folders?

    event identifier 3013
    Source Microsoft -Windows-LoadPerf
    Description Capability counter character strings that were defined for type% 1! S, can not be updated! Language identifier. The first DWORD in the section data contains most of the error code.
    Event Information According to Microsoft:
    event id 3013 source search


    This logged event could not be updated per day using there is a link to the language identifier of the counter lines.


    : Recreate the document with available performance counters

    Finally, local administrator part membership is required, continue here.

    To restore the list of internal registry counters:

    1. Click Start, expand All Programs and Accessories.
    2. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Person.
    3. At a command prompt, type lodctr / r and, if necessary, press Enter.

    Check –

    In a health club, the local corporation of administrators must follow each of these procedures.

    View performance counters in System Monitor

    To view performance counters in System Monitor:

    1. On the computer you want to display performance counters on, check Start. To start searching, type perfmon.exe in some of the text boxes and press Enter.
    2. In the navigation pane, create monitoring tools, but click Performance Monitoring.
    3. Click Add to open a list of available gig counters.
    4. In the Add Counters dialog box, you can simply click Help to view additional documents on adding counters. When you are able to add completed counters to the dataset, click OK.
    5. Make sure the counters you choose are displayed in See the monitor shipping table.

    . .Display .a. List. Contacts using the .typeperfect command.

    . to display .a. list .counters. for .the.com command line:


    1. . Click. .To start it.,. Click. .All .programs., .And .click. .Accessories .. Right-click Command Prompt and choose Run As Manager.
    2. At the command prompt, type assortment perf -qx and press ENTER.
    3. Make sure the counter number contains the expected values.
    Help Links Event ID 3013 from Microsoft Windows Source -LoadPerf

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