If you see an error while syncing Outlook 2003 error code with your PC, you need to take a look at these suggested solutions.

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    Microsoft Outlook is an email client that is definitely a personal information manager created by Microsoft. It is available as part of the Microsoft Office suite. It can be used as a standalone application.
    Outlook 2003/07/10/13/16 Folder synchronization error: The Synchronization Problems folder contains logs and items that prevented Outlook from synchronizing with the Exchange server. In this case, to reduce the error, you should change Outlook OST to PST Lodge format. To view the Synchronization Problems folder and these subfolders, follow these steps:

    How do I fix synchronizing errors?

    Step 1. Update your Gmail app. Update your Gmail app for the latest solutions to problems sending or checking email on the Internet.Step 7: reboot your device.Step 3. Check your preferred settings.Step 4: clean up the storage space.Step 5: confirm your password.Step 6-8: Remove information from Gmail.

    From the Go menu, choose View Folder List to open the Outlook Synchronization Problems folder.

    Why does my Outlook keep saying synchronizing?

    Outlook can automatically search for the latest news in a specific specified area. However, if this interval is clearly set too short, an automatic check according to the prior art is performed before the previous one can be completed. As a result, send / receive tasks can be saved, so that Outlook mostly has problems with the endless synchronization process.

    Synchronization problems. The Synchronization Problems folder contains some synchronization logs. This is useful when Outlook is having trouble synchronizing with the Exchange Server. Let’s take an example: Outlook Web Access has an item, but It’s not present in Outlook, or you don’t receive a new item in some Cached Exchange Mode folders.

    Conflicts: The Problems folder contains all copies of the conflicting items. Clicking on the dashboard will display a list of conflicting items, and you can also resolve the conflict by deciding which item families to keep.

    Local Errors: This directory contains all items that are not actually sent to the Exchange server. If you make permanent changes to a particular data add while offline, and those changes do not appear when you check with a different account, you must first view the Local Errors folder.

    How do I fix synchronization error in Outlook?

    ClickRight click on our own folder, then click Properties.Click Remove Offline Items and then OK.On the Outlook 2010 ribbon, click the Send / Receive tab.Click Update Folder.

    Server Error: This Outlook folder sync error contains toys that Outlook cannot sync with your Exchange mailbox. If Outlook cannot synchronize the item with someone’s server, it moves the item from its original location to the Server Errors folder.

    Manually Fix Outlook 2003, 2007 Folder Sync Error:

    Situations when the user receives a sooThe error messages even though the Outlook to Exchange Server synchronization is correct here, or when the mailbox folder services are also missing after synchronization are Outlook OST synchronization issues. In such cases, check if the sync process can work correctly in your Outlook profile.

    How do I fix Outlook synchronizing folders?

    Step 1. Enter CTRL + 6 or click the three dots in the lower left corner that appear from all over Outlook.Main step three: go to sync folder and expand idea to show other folders.Step 1 only: add the PST file.Step 2. Recover the PST file.Step 3: preview and save.

    Step 1. Click the folder you want to check and click “Properties”
    Step 2: Click the “Synchronize” tab.
    Step c: check the settings in the fields listed here:

    If the number of points in the server folder and the category in the “Offline folder” field are the same, synchronization is working correctly. If syncing is not working as expected, our user should check profile alternatives. Because here there is a relation to this topic.
    To do this, follow these steps:

    • Click Tools, Select Food, Email Accounts.
    • If Show Changes and / or Existing Email Accounts is selected in the Email Accounts dialog box, click Next.

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    Make sure that “Confirmed by”Mailbox – Account Name” is selected in the “Send all new emails to the following location” list: 4:
    Step Click Microsoft Exchange Server Object, in this case click Edit.
    Step 5. Make sure the Use Cached Exchange Mode option is selected and click Next.
    Step 6: Click Finish and then OK.
    Step 7. Close Outlook, and in this case, open Outlook again.

    • To fix an error syncing the Outlook folder, click Account Settings in the Tools menu.
    • Click the Data Files tab and make sure the mailbox name is set as the default account.
    • Click the Email tab.
    • Click Mailbox Name, Account, then Settings.
    • Go to the Advanced tab, make sure the Use Share Mode option is selected in the cache, and click OK.
    • In the Account Settings dialog box, click Close. Outlook
    • Close and reopen Outlook.
    • On the File menu, click Account Settings and select Account Settings from the list”.
    • Click the Data Files tab and make sure the mailbox account is set to the default.
    • Click the Email tab.
    • Click Mailbox – Account Name, then Edit.
    • Make sure Use Exchange Mode is selected in the cache, then click OK.
    • In the Account Settings dialog box, click Close.
    • Close MS Outlook, then open Outlook again.
    • If the Outlook Synchronization Problems folder scenario persists, use the OST Integrity Checker plan to resolve the synchronization issue.

    error synchronizing message outlook 2003

    Scanost.exe is a utility used by Microsoft to troubleshoot Outlook OST synchronization issues. It is an internal Microsoft tool available in Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007. But as of 2010, this tool is no longer available in Outlook. However, Microsoft has other ways to actually work with Outlook 2010.

    Fix Outlook 2003/07/10/13/16 Automatic Sync Error

    error synchronizing message outlook 2003

    SysTools OST Road to PST Converter is a tool that provides results for almost all versions of MS Exchange Server, MS Outlook and Outlook Express. It helps to have inaccessible access to OST files. This tool is very popular due to the simple PC interface and the open trial version available.

    • Converting data from OST applications: email, calendar, contacts, tasks, journal
    • Feel free to ask questions before converting OST to Office PST, 365, EML and MSG.
    • Recovering and extracting all OST files from common Outlook folder sync problem can be easily resolved.
    • OST files can be imported into Exchange Online.
    • Provides date filters for exporting OST software to a specific date range.


    This article explains how to troubleshoot Outlook 2003/07/10/13/16 folder synchronization issues that can occur when an offline folder (.ost) file is synchronized with a specific type of Microsoft Exchange Mailbox server mail. The advisor’s methods are tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, it is only available for your older versions. So avoid the following, we can use OST to use the transform tool я PST. It is a very good solution when OST file types are no longer available due to OST sync issues with Outlook.

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