It seems that some of our users have received a known error message with error 3709. This problem occurs due to several factors. Let’s look at them now.

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    Error 3709 The connection cannot be used for this operation. In this context, it is either closed or invalid. when users use any features of all apps.

    To debug smart forms in a layered or test system, make sure you can code SMARTFORMS. Enter the smart form type name if you know or are looking for the NACE smart form reputation name and view the specific smart form.

    Search this smart form for the statement where you want to place all breakpoints.

    Go to “Mode Environment” -> “Function Module Name” to find out the name of the function module in smart form.

    Enter a name that refers to the function module and navigate to the menu Goto -> Main Program.

    In the main program, click FIND to find the statement where clients want to place a breakpoint.

    Enter the text messages of the line you want to set all breakpoints through in the FIND pop-up window.

    Now organize the driver program, control when it stops pointbreakpoint and you can parse the smart form.

    Step 3. Take another look at the form interface. Here we need import settings. In any case, we will show how the LS_BIL_INVOICE structure can be filled in from the driver program and passed to the smart form appropriately. Click the TEST button at the top of the smart form.

    Step 5. Here is the smartform functional module, i.e. real driving school. Click View.

    Step 9. Select the tank type RD00 and double click Treatment Procedure.

    Step 11. This output project – RD00 uses an authorized driver – the RLB_INVOICE program and a smart form that calls this task as: LB_BIL_INVOICE. Then double click the program – RLB_INVOICE.

    step 12. Find the current input subroutine. Double-click Process Subroutine.

    Step 14. Call the module of the person in which the LS_BIL_INVOICE structure is actually filled.

    step 26. Break the Point will work. Double-click the LS_BIL_INVOCIE variable.

    error 3709 in

    Step 27. The driver program practically sends the information to the Smartform. Press F8.

    Step 28 This starts the debugging period of the smart form. Press the F5 button.

    Step 30: View information for a specific driver program is available in the form’s main interface.

    Debugging a form has some complexities, such as the form has arbitrary versions, no message is displayed when an exception occurs, and ABAP code is constantly injected into a specific, programmed coverage node. The following steps may be helpful for debugging a smart form: –

    Because the function module is generated each time the form is activated, we can specifically jump to FM and apply breakpoints; like,

  • In the top include, we get all global data and all types declared in all global tab definitions.
  • All views (ABAP forms are subroutines) contained in *F01 Include

  • All data and styles declared on the special “Initialization” tab can also be found using
  • The following form subroutines, available with *F01 included, are very efficient for debugging. They are always called, each node (e.g. main window) is definitely %WRITE_TEXT
  • Form processed:-





    error 3709 in

    The corresponding form (ABAP form procedure) is usually created in *F01-Include:-

    for all windows/nodes that have been specifically designed in the form

    I really like the following inclusion, created for example for each node’s main window:

    Restarting the form as described above is probably especially useful if we can see exactly when the print preview is not showing when the driver program is run. This throws an exception that can often only be tracked down when I personally set a breakpoint in the FORM “raise” procedure.

    After a while, it annoyed me (if I may say so) when I dealt with forms every time, and the rationale I wanted to validate was hard-coded into smart forms.

    I was happy just a week ago when I got used to debugging smart forms without solving explicit ones how to use the syntax “BREAK-POINT” in the poker room for smart forms. Also, using the explicit way, as I did, is now only possible in the development client, and not in the quality or trusted client.

    So I’ve documented it well in case I need it in the future. Well, I’m not a programmer, so I was relieved to discover such really useful things.

    Updated: ASR Pro

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    FirstDean, first you need to know the name of your Smartforms program.

    To dig it out you can usually access the output type config to get a pair orProgram names together via Smartforms.

    For example, in my case I came across a certain Smarforms name and I need to scan a piece of code that I almost thought was wrong somewhere.

    To prove that you can insert debug keys into smart forms without having to enter explicit syntax, here are all the steps.

    1. Go to the actual t-code SMARFORMS and enter a name, suppose smarform click the icon as shown in the picture below.

    2. After clicking next to the distinguished name of the module, you will be redirected to the SE37 screen to display your own smart form. By continuing to press “View”.

    3. Open the “Source code and coupon” tab, then click “Famous binoculars” in the toolbar.

    4. When a certain dialog box opens, enter the desired section of code – view it and select the option “In the main program”.

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