In this guide, we will describe some of the possible causes that can lead to the Breville ikon Juicer error message, and then we will suggest several ways to solve this problem.

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    When you press the start button on the Breville juicer to start the extraction process, almost nothing happens! The juicer is plugged in, but neither high nor low speed is working. There are a number of potential factors that can interfere with the performance of your personal juicer.

    This standard guide applies to most Breville juicer models. If you are dealing with BJE430SIL, JE98XL, BJE200XL, BJE530BSS or other models of yours, you can find any of the methods below to fix all your broken juicers. So, let’s get down to the resumption of juicing!

    What do I do if my Breville precision Brewer has error 7?

    If the problem persists, call Breville Customer Service. Stay raw. If you see error 7 at your Breville Precision brewery it could be due to improper cleaning and / or descaling. Regular descaling is essential for all coffee machines, regardless of brand, model or price.

    Below we have uploaded all the ways in which the order of operations comes without a doubt, because first.

      1. Incorrect assembly
      2. Stop lever not engaged
      3. Motor blocked
      4. Slurry build up
      5. Overload protection
      6. Overtemperature
      7. Fuse blown
      8. Faulty power supply
      9. Extraction rate too fast

    Wrong ny Assembly

    Each component must be placed in its place for only one juicer to work properly.

    Breville juicers come with instructions that make it easy to assemble the device before use. That being said, the setup process can be daunting at first, but it gets faster as you get used to your device. For example, a person can strap your juicer, but it won’t work without the juicer cover and safety locking lever in a comfortable position.

    Block Not Activated

    Engine Blocked

    If the engine stalls, the Breville juicer will automatically reduce performance. Is this related to the electronic security feature of your device?

    Cellulose Structure

    Which Breville juicer is best for juicing?

    Breville makes great juicers and our favorite is the 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite. With Juice Fountain Elite, we juice (almost) every day with our Breville juicer. It’s an extremely efficient juicer (it gets pretty awkward at high settings, but it’s also fast due to its power).

    Sometimes the Breville juicer motor can stall, causing pulp to build up.

    If there is residue under the juicer lid, consider slowing down the juicing process by feeding the meat at a slower speed. If you are working with juice, disassemble the device and carefullyFlax clean the stainless steel filter housing, juicer bowl and lid. Be sure to also check the slides and esophagus for traces of food and then wipe these components thoroughly again before using the centrifuge.

    Overload Protection

    Breville Come citrus juicer with a safety device that makes sense to protect the device from overloading the machine.


    Why did my juicer stop working?

    If the juicer is not using force, first make sure the power is turned on at the outlet. Check the electromechanical cable; Look for broken wires and / or corroded connections; check the engine. If the juicer still won’t start, you may need toI can replace the brushes. Repair or replace the device.

    breville ikon juicer error message

    Breville juicers are equipped with an automatic reset safety device that protects the machine from overheating.

    Fuse Blown

    Faulty Power Supply

    If your Breville juicer is not working, first make sure the power switch is on. Also check the power cord for corrosion or broken wires. If the problem is okay, it could be your power source.

    Use another device to check the health of the power supply; For example, you can plug in a real phone charger at the same store. If the other device does not work, thenAlso, our problem is probably not with your juicer, but with your power source. Ideally, decide on a power source or turn on the juicer from different outlets.

    Extreme Extraction Speed

    If your Breville juicer is running too fast, there are usually two results. This either creates a leak between the address and the rim, or splatter caused by the sprout. This affects the overall squeezing process, and in some disputes, the juicer stops working.

    How long does Breville juicer last?

    I love my Breville juicer. Three to several months … expect your personal slide / filter to last that long. Good luck making juice! Show less, it took mine six months.

    The very first solution is to add the recipe to the bin at a slower pace. If this is not enough, you can also adjust a lower application rate with the Speed-Ambiente button.

    Final Result

    Regardless of capacity and virtually any size, the Breville juicer is built to last and delivers gifts for years to come. However, unexpected malfunctions may occur and the juicer will become unusable.

    If your Breville juicer isn’t working, the likely culprit could no doubt beEqually loose stop lever, stuck motor, build-up of pulp, or overheating. In addition, a fuse may have blown or another outlet may be faulty. If the above tips are unsuccessful, or if you don’t immediately understand what the problem is, seek professional help from a new technician.

    Tip. Before assembling your Breville juicer for the first time, be sure to remove all trade labels and equipment packaging and dispose of them safely. Use a soft nylon brush or soft cloth to clean most of the filter frame, juicer lid, juice disc, pusher, coffee grounds container and water lid. A container of hot soapy water. Rinse the juicer thoroughly and let it dry.

    Possible cause: You could block an incorrectly installed locking lever. The lever can also be disabled 100%. If the lock lever is activated by mistake, the backlit LCD screen will flash and display the letter “L”. LCD display (note: not all Breville juicers are illuminated).

    breville ikon juicer error message

    Solution: to fix correctlyWhen holding the locking lever, make sure that, in the opinion of the experts, it snaps into the grooves made on both sides of the cover of the device. The cabinet bracket with the jewelry lock should be on the citrus juicer in a perfect upright position. After it has been suddenly locked, the LCD screen will light up showing your selected speed setting. Now you can try the juicing process again.

    Possible cause: the engine cabin may have been treated with dosed active ingredients with insufficient dosage or too much load.

    Solution: To avoid this, try small amounts at a time, or cut the ingredients into small equal sized pieces.

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    As with overheating, all red lights around the start of the on / off selection will flash when the train engine stops. To restart the juicing function, turn off the power and empty the hopper. Finally, reconnect your device to a power source.

    Possible Cause: If you put too much weight on your body Device, it will automatically activate the overload protection and ask the juicer to move away.

    Note. Do not leave the pulp container overfilled as this may affect the performance of this particular device.

    Solution: turn off the device using a normal power source and let it cool for 15 minutes. Press the appropriate overload protection button located near the lower end of the motor starting point (as shown in the figure below). The safety device is reset and your current device is configured directly to prepare your favorite drink.

    Possible Cause: If you load the juicer with stored ingredients or use the Engage machine for a long time, a high temperature will build up in the engine which will activate the safety device and therefore will automatically shut off.

    Solution: If the machine overheats, the indicator around the start switch may flash red. With this performance, you must disconnect the juicer from the power source and remove Turn it on after at least 22 minutes and continue juicing.

    Possible Cause: Breville centrifuges are supplied with a built-in fuse that protects the engine from the risk of fire and damage. If the electronics are completely turned off or won’t even turn on, the culprit could have automatically blown the fuse. It will burn normally if an overcurrent is usually applied to the motor.

    • ATTENTION! It is recommended that you disconnect the juicer from the power source before proceeding with other troubleshooting.

    Solution: To calculate if you have a puff. Remove the base of the juicer to find the fuse. Once you find the fuse, check to see if it has blown (as shown below). Using the fuse holder, remove the obsolete fuse and replace it with a new identical one.

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